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リサ: いやっ!全く気づかへんかったけど、ちょっと日焼けしてはるわ。

吾郎: お、やった!!この長い列から解放されたら、鏡見に行ってこよ!

リサ: ほんま、これ時間かかり過ぎちゃいます?日暮れる前にビーチでのんびりしたいのに。

吾郎: そこでまた偶然会えたりなんかしたら嬉しいな、なんて。友達と待ち合わせとかしてるん?


リサ: あ‥え‥。


吾郎: あ、すいません。余計なこと言うたかも。

リサ: いや違うねん、笑ったりしてごめんなさい。今気づいたけど、顔の半分だけ灼けはったんやなと思って!笑

吾郎: マジで?どないなってるか見てみなあかん!笑われるくらいって相当やん。。

リサ: まあ確かにちょっと変やけど、、ビーチにしばらくいはったら同じ色になるんちゃうかな、多分。



吾郎: 一人でバケーションなんて俺だけやと思ってたわ。良かったらLINE交換せえへん?

Later, in line for immigration, Risa sees Goro from the opposite side.

Risa: I'm surprised! I didn't notice at all earlier, but I think you did get a little tan.

Goro: Oh that's great! I'll have to check in the mirror after we get out of this line.

Risa: Yeah, it's taking forever. I wanna go relax at the beach before it gets dark out.

Goro: Maybe I'll be lucky and run into you again there. By the way, are you meeting your friends here?

Goro turns around to move his luggage.

Risa: Oh... um...

Risa starts laughing.

Goro: Um... I apologize. Maybe I shouldn't bother you.

Risa: No, I'm so sorry for laughing at you, but I just realized that only one side of your face is tan!

Goro: Oh no! I need to see how bad it is... It must be bad if you're laughing.

Risa: It looks a little odd, but I'm sure it will even out after you spend some time on the beach. Probably?

To answer your question, I'm here to relax on my own. I know it's unusual, but I thought maybe I'd make a friend. How about you?

Goro is in shock.

Goro: I thought I was the only one who came on vacation alone! If it's okay, can we exchange Line contacts?


not... at all


it's taking forever.


run into


looks a little odd


even out


I'm here to



Thank you, Alissa!!



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