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Pizza Adventures 2


Last year, thousands of people both in America and Japan began to take the jump into baking. Some started in order to distract themselves, while others had a more survivalist approach. For quite some time, flour and other baking goods disappeared from store shelves, as we all sought to console ourselves through the unadulterated consumption of carbohydrates. I managed to avoid catching the itch for some time, until the New Year holiday.

It was just a simple pizza. Homemade crust and sauce in a cast-iron pan, with a bit of shredded cheese and mozzarella sealing it all in. Placed in the oven until the edges just started to blacken, the crispy cheese playing opposite the rich, chewy crust. Simple, right? I thought I could make just one, and be done with it. I was a fool to think so, arrogant even. It was just a simple pizza, until it wasn’t.

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