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Go to Englishで学ぶ身近な英会話 大阪弁編25


ケビン「いや〜11時まではきついっすね。11時半ならいけると思います! 」


ケビン 「困ったなー。じゃぁ、いっそのことミーティングの時間11時半にずらしちゃいましょか。 」

上司「そんなん社長によー言わんわ。もうええわ、自分で資料作るわ。 」


上司「おい、それ自分に言うてるんやろな。 」

Boss "Real quick, can you make these documents before the 11:00 meeting with the president?"

Kevin "Umm, it might be tough to finish by 11:00. But I think I can do it by 11:30! "

Boss "That’s too late. The meeting starts at 11:00. "

Kevin "Well...what should we do? How about we change the meeting time to 11:30? "

Boss "I can’t ask the president to do that! Ok, fine. I’ll just make the documents myself."

Kevin "See? Where there is a will, there is a way."

Boss "Hey, I hope you are saying that to yourself. "

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