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What do you like to do when you have some free time?


今回はGo to Englishの講師Alissaにブログを書いてもらいました(^-^)

来日して7年になるAlissaはfree timeに何をしているのでしょうか。

Hello, it’s Alissa.

One of my hobbies is reading books. Since I was young, I have loved reading. When I moved to Japan, of course I wanted to know how to read everything in Japanese too.

I have been living in Japan for almost seven years and can read kanji, but I don’t always remember how to read them. There are so many ways to pronounce some kanji. It takes Japanese people about nine years to learn kanji in school, so it’s not easy.

One of the ways I enjoy studying Japanese is by reading comic books. I can’t read very fast and sometimes I don’t know a word, but the pictures help me to understand the story. I can learn new words in context.

Now I’m reading a comic called, “Nodame Cantibile,” or "のだめカンタービレ," which is really funny. I watched the drama so I know the story already. The main character is a messy piano student at a music university in Tokyo. She wants to become a preschool teacher, but then she meets another student who wants to be a conductor. One of her teachers even speaks 大阪弁!

I think reading is the best way to learn new vocabulary in any language. That’s how I learned so many words in English. Reading in another language can be difficult, so reading at your level and reading about subjects that you’re interested in is important.

I encourage you to read in English when you have some free time.

many ways to pronounce kanji 漢字には多くの読み方がある

takes nine years 9年かかる

in context 文脈から

messy だらしない

preschool teacher 幼稚園の先生

at your level あなたのレベルに合った

subjects that you’re interested in 興味のあるテーマ

encourage 勧める



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