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Rose "I’m a little bit confused about the guy I’ve been going out with, Kevin." Mary "What’s wrong?" Rose "He always tells me sweet things, like 'I’ll protect you no matter what happens' or 'I can’t think about anything except you all day'. But he has stood me up 3 times so far, and when I told him that I thought some guy was following me, he just said 'oh, that’s no good' but then didn’t do anything to help me."

Mary "Seriously? He doesn’t deserve you. You should move on from him." Rose "But, he says I’m the one."

Mary "Don’t be silly. You know, actions speak louder than words. Who the hell would trust that kind of guy?"

『一日中ローズのことしか考えられへん。』の訳にある"except"は「~を除いて」という意味で、except forと、意味的に全く同じです。

強いて言うなら、"except for"の方が、ほんの少しフォーマルな場面で使われるイメージで使い分ける必要はありません。

また、「んなアホな。」のパートは"Don't be silly."にしましたが、"Don't be stupid."でも同様の意味になります。

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