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Go to Englishで学ぶ日常英会話 大阪弁編62



パム「どんなん?」 ルーシー「夢の中でな、お風呂から出ようとしたら、ドアの向こう側が高校の教室やねん、しかもそこに生徒がいっぱいいて。どうしたらいいかわからんくて、教室に誰もいなくなるまでずっとお風呂に閉じ込められてんねん。」 パム「変な夢やなぁ。どんな意味があるんかネットで調べてみたら?」 ルーシー「こんな夢も分析できるん??そんなありがちな夢ではないやろ...」

Lucy “I had a strange dream last night. “ Pam “What was it?” Lucy “In my dream, I was about to get out of the shower, but actually, on the other side of the door was my high school classroom full of students. So, I didn’t know what to do. I felt I was trapped in the shower until everybody had left the room.” Pam “What a strange dream. You should look up the meaning online.” Lucy “Do you think they can analyze this kind of dream?? I don’t think it’s very common...”

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