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Go to Englishで学ぶ日常英会話 大阪弁編57

「紅茶飲みたいなー。誰か淹れてくれへんかなー。」 「あー、洗濯物多いなー。誰か手伝ってくれへんかなー。」 いけずやなあ。」 「じゃあ、洗濯物を干すの手伝ってくれたら、紅茶淹れてあげるから一緒に飲む?」 「決まり!」 Daughter “I feel like having a cup of tea. I wonder if someone could make it for me.” Mom “Ugh, we have so much laundry. I wonder if someone could help me do the laundry.” DaughterDon’t be mean.” Mom “Then how about you help me hang the laundry? After that, I’ll make some tea and we can have tea time together.” Daughter “Deal!”

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