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Electric Appliance Shop

Customer "Excuse me, where are the laundry machines?"

Staff "Yes Sir, right this way please. I'll show you the way."

Customer "Wow there are so many. I don’t think I can choose one on my own. Could you choose one for me? I’m not picky at all. "

Staff "Certainly sir. How about this one? I recommend this new model. It has a more powerful washing cycle."

Customer "Ah, this is way too expensive..."

Staff "OK. Then how about this one? It's on sale right now."

Customer "Does this have a dryer? Rainy days will be a big problem if it doesn’t have it. I change my clothes twice a day, you know?"

Staff "OK. Then I guess this isn't the one. How about this one? It has a dryer. It's last year's model, but it's still powerful."

Customer "Umm, it’s white... I’m looking for a brown washing machine."

Staff "Haha, you’re quite picky."

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